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Love is in the MacBook Air

It’s TBWA\Media Arts Lab’s new Apple ad, a dynamic 30-second set piece.
“The notebook people love” is the tagline. The  message is communicated with shot after shot of icons, and pop-culture characters posing around the Apple logo in the middle of the notebook’s lid.
Characters, including Breaking Bad, The Simpsons, Batman, Catwoman, Snow White, Wonder Woman, Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse.
Love is the way for Apple. As you can see from the spot, that passion nicely manifests itself through personalization.
Andyou can even slow things down, check out the Stickers” page on Apple’s website.
Stickers,” in its style, is somewhat reminiscent of the “Play Your Heart Out” spot for Google Play, which has logged more than 10 million views on YouTube since early May.
The Air spot is tactile and tell us  more about the passion of the user.

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When brands go wild

“When Brands Go Wild” is a humorous personal project by Tunisia-based graphic designer Salim Zerrouki. Here the results:

Creative brands - Jaguar - Puma

Creative brands – Jaguar – Puma

Creative brands - Nestle - Twitter

Creative brands – Nestle – Twitter

Creative brands - Red Bull - Le Coq Sportif

Creative brands – Red Bull – Le Coq Sportif

Creative brands - Camel - Bacardi

Creative brands – Camel – Bacardi

Creative brands - Ferrari - La Coste

Creative brands – Ferrari – La Coste

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It’s a kind of magic

What do chicken and Mercedes Benz have in common? Stability at all times.

Mercedes’ current ABC system uses a hydraulic piston to act on each steel coil spring to quickly and independently adjust the suspension on each wheel in reaction to the road surface, and it does a fine job keeping the ride smooth and occupants unjostled.

But the key term there is “reaction”—the suspension deals with the bumps after the wheel has encountered them. What if the car knew what was coming in advance, with absolute certainty and down to every imperfection? The oil flow at each corner could be adjusted so accurately that any surface flaw could be practically neutralized.

Oh and by the way: no chicken were harmed in the making of this. It’s the Magic Body Control

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Stuttgart, Germany

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Time to workout!

Here below the 2013 Clio Award Student Shortlist / Print.

Simply clever.

Gold's gym - Fat Fat Fit

School: School of visual Arts, New York
Art Director: Lauren Hom
Instructor: Jack Mariucci


Fiat body car. Made of pure muscle

Creative Advertising - Fiat body car - Made of pure muscles

What’s the best way to sell a Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio? Why, paint up a dozen naked women, of course. No strangers to controversy, ad executives at Richards Group dreamed up this unusual idea, hiring local circus performers, artists and contortionists and a renowned body painter to adorn and configure the women into a shape that resembles the Italian muscle car.

Before you start crying, “Photoshop!,” understand that it took 30 to 40 people working together as a team to create this complicated shot, which body painter Craig Tracy said was “the most ambitious and the most interesting and the most fun shoot I’ve ever been on.”

The elaborate photo, accompanied with the tagline “Made of pure muscle,” is a print ad for the upcoming “Body Issue” of ESPN the Magazine. According to the ad’s makers, the team “spent days” organizing the poses of the women, mapping exactly where they would be located in the shot, and then painting their bodies and creating this photograph which many might construe as a work of art.

Others might call it yet another objectification of women.

Dallas-based Richards Group has traveled down this sexy road before with a video spot it created in 2011, featuring a saucy Italian-speaking woman who is the object of a man’s fantasies and suddenly turns into a Fiat 500 Abarth as soon as the man leans over to kiss her.

Take a look at the video embedded below to see how this difficult Fiat project was executed — and watch with care because, with the nudity, some of it might be not suitable for work.

Photos courtesy Fiat, video courtesy YouTube, Fiat USA

via Mashable

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Works: Radio Crc Commercial (Caturano Traslochi)

RADIO CRC COMMERCIAL: Caturano Traslochi

ENG – My very first work is about a commercial for a local Moving Company (Catuano Traslochi). It’s a radio spot created with Anna De Vivo‘s cooperation, thanks to Radio Crc.

ITA – Il mio primo lavoro è una pubblicità per una ditta di traslochi locale (Caturano Traslochi). Si tratta di uno spot radio creato in cooperazione con Anna De Vivo grazie a Radio Crc.

Enjoy it:

Client: Caturano Traslochi
Executive Creative Director: Tommaso Gabriele
Creative Directors: Nunzio D’Alterio / Anna De Vivo
Copywriters: Nunzio D’Alterio / Anna De Vivo

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I can see clearly now

See more with less.

Just a pair of glasses and you can see what no one else can see.

Y & R Paris chose the famous impressionist artists for the Keloptic‘s campaign.

This compromising and creative ad issued on the Hebdo a couple of weeks ago hit the magazine.

Here below “Les Vangogh” (Vangogh portrait).

Creative Advertising - Vangogh portrait - Keloptic

Here down “Les Seurat“:

Creative Advertising - Seurat - Keloptic

And “Les Monet“:

Creative Advertising - Monet - Keloptic