Summer holidays? Keep your children away from the Mediterranean.

Creative Advertising - crying children - Liseberg park

Advertising Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors

“vissa barn tvingas aka till Kreta i sommar”

“Some children are forced to go to Crete this summer”. This is one of the amusement park Liseberg’s ads for the summer season that portrays a young boy crying.

The poster decorated the streets of Gothenburg but also the company’s website for a while.

The ad raised a general upset in Athens the past weeks, where many Greeks feel offended, reports Göteborgs-Posten.

Sweden’s Embassy in Athens told the news agency TT that they received a letter of complaint from the hotel owners’ chamber of commerce at Chania, Crete.

Kent Kierdorf, VP marketing and sales at Liseberg, responded to the criticism in an article on the website Resumé.se.

”We love Crete. Our hope was that the picture, headline and logotypes would bring a smile to the face of the audience, that people would see the fun of it.”

”Our intention was not to create a slanderous advertisement, what we wanted was to attract attention. The idea was to compare Liseberg to something everyone loves travelling to. And then we chose Crete, Italy and Mallorca. So we are comparing to something we think is GOOD and not the other way around. We chose Crete as we thought it is beautiful there,” wrote Kent Kierdorf in Resumé.

After that, the banner with the boy crying was soon removed on the Liseberg’s website, but it has been replaced with the following visual:

Creative Advertising - crying_smiling child - Liseberg park

“Ladda ner skrattappen till din smartphone.”

That stands for: “Download the smiling app on your smartphone.”

The same image used for Liseberg’s fan page in which you can leave your personal feedback concerning the whole advertising campaign.


credits: KeepTalkingGreece, GoteborgDaily, Resumé.se


2 comments on “Summer holidays? Keep your children away from the Mediterranean.

  1. ¿Sabéis que sois unos nazis? Cabrones.

    • Puede ser que el nazi seas tu por decir semejante gilipollez? Si no entiendes sueco busca un traductor porque en ningun momento ofenden tu puto pais nazi. Si todo lo contrario, usan Mallorca como un referente para comparar ya que la gente prefiere ir alli de vacacones, pero los adultos, para los niños es mas divertido un parque de atracciones que aburrirse en la playa. Ay Diosito, cuanto idiota hay por el mundo 😦

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