Chiquita. I like it!

Advertising Agency Armando Testa is in charge with the launch of the new Chiquita’s campaign.

Finland is the starting point after that the most famous and recognisable bananas are ready to corner the whole european market.

The campaign has been designed to enhance the superiority of taste and  the brand love that has always distinguished the legendary banana.

The outdoor is simple and eye-catching as the contemporary visual language is:

Creative Advertising - Chiquita - I Like it

Advertising Agency: Armando Testa
Creative Directors: Michele Mariani and Marco Faccio
Art Director: Barbara Ghiotti
Copywriter: Anna Ponti
Finland copy adaptation: Orange Advertising

The concept is ironic and immediate: We like watch it! We like peel it! We like taste it!

In this way the choise of the thumbs-up (universal symbol of appreciation) has been served.

After all don’t you think Chiquitas are irresistible?


2 comments on “Chiquita. I like it!

  1. Ma i freddi finlandesi la capiranno??? 🙂

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